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U-Fuel, a leading supplier of fuel stations to the aviation industry and sponsor of the Aviation Fuel Club, is pleased to announce a new collaboration with American Equipement Finance (AEF) in offering attractive financing options to its clients. The AEF’s Paul Hagner, who has 20 years of experience working with the petroleum equipment industry, describes his company’s unique offerings to airports, FBOs, flight schools and other aviation businesses: “AEF is an equipment leasing & financing company that focuses on the petroleum, convenience store, car wash and franchise industries.

We provide monies for projects that range from $25,000 to 1M, for businesses that are seeking to acquire assets necessary to expand and grow.  We can advance up to 90% of the project cost to the equipment seller and we provide financing for underground and above-ground storage tank projects, store acquisitions, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, Point of Sales (POS) systems, dispensers, canopies, signs, lighting, software – among other items.” Kent Misegades, aviation sales representative for U-Fuel, comments on this new relationship: “As traditional funding sources for capital improvements at airports become scarce, our clients are turning to the the excellent private-sector financing options that AEF can offer. Given the market-leading technology used in U-Fuel’s line of fuel stations, our clients can expect a strong return on their investment. Working with AEF, they can get these systems onto their airports months, or even years quicker than when relying on traditional AIP and similar funding programs.”

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