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Sports Fuel Lowndown

Sport Fuel is 91+ octane, ethanol free, unleaded gasoline filtered to meet aviation standards. (At some locations, 93 and 97 octane fuels may also be available.)
Sport Fuel is a response to the confusion and debate in the aviation industry regarding:
The need for replacement of 100LL avgas, which contains two grams of lead per gallon and is adding to air pollution.

The advent of Light Sport Aircraft category by the Federal Aviation Administration, which in order to qualify, requires lighter engines that are certified and operate more efficiently on 91+ octane, ethanol free, unleaded auto gas.
The increased cost of 100LL Avgas over other fuels including Jet Fuel.
Legislation by some states prohibiting labeling of gasoline in order to promote use of ethanol and bio fuels and even prohibiting the sale of ethanol free auto gas.
The unavailability of ethanol free auto gas in some areas of the United States.
Damage to aircraft and other recreational vehicles due to ethanol deterioration of fuel components.
Knowledge that if airports sell auto gas, it is normally 87 octane unleaded.
The need for one inexpensive fuel that will work well in older aircraft approved for 87 octane and the new Light Sport Aircraft requiring minimum of 91 octane.
The need to provide a Dealer Product Standard to gain customer confidence.
Where is Sport Fuel?
Aviation Fuel Club is working with airports that sell MOGAS to upgrade to Sport Fuel. Sport Fuel is available from a few petroleum distributors in the US but has to be specially ordered. Supply is not dependable in some locations. Aviation Fuel Club is working with petroleum distributors to ship Sport Fuel to dealers when they sign up and purchase in quantities, which allows best pricing to dealers.